An Important New Anthology of Texas Fiction from SFA University Press

Edited by Laurie Champion
     From the Introduction:

These stories present genuine truths about human nature. They tell of love, rage, grief, laughter, sorrow, loneliness, and many other powerful emotions. Nothing is exaggerated.  We are presented with true insights about ourselves and the world around us. But they don’t give us the answers; instead, they raise questions. The really important issues in our lives don’t have answers—in fact, most questions worth asking don’t have solid answers—questions about topics such as God, love, death, birth, art, shame, fear, abandonment. Unlike commercial art, solid, quality literature inspires us to question, to ponder, to sit quietly and think about our own lives, our own loves, our own grief, our own laughter, our own sorrows, our own loneliness, our own hopes for small miracles. 

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Andrew Geyer's story "Fingers" won the Spur award for best western story published in 2014. This is Geyer's second Spur award. His first Spur winner is also in Texas 5x5.

Foreword Magazine named Texas 5x5 an Indiefab finalist for the best collection of short fiction published in 2014.

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