Searching for Rama's Spear

A stolen ruby from India, a "talking" cat named Dao, gypsies, drug runners, and a smart and plucky young heroine named Brooke: Jerry Craven's new novel Searching for Rama's Spear has all the ingredients of a first-rate mystery. And the deft plot-twist at the end will surprise and delight even the most experienced whodunnit buffs. With its lush setting in the Big Thicket of East Texas, its gorgeous illustrations by artist Amy Ness, and its beautifully photographed essays on the Big Thicket ecosystem and Indian gemstones, Searching for Rama's Spear has something for readers of all ages to savor. Not to be missed! —Andrew Geyer, author of Siren Songs from the Heart of Austin

* * *

Searching for Rama’s Spear is a book of wonder for all ages. Craven writes of the Texas Big Thicket in such clear language that readers can hear the Thicket, smell it, touch and taste it in all its mysterious beauty. If Nancy Drew were here today, she would be in the Thicket with these two teenage girls looking for a stolen family treasure. This tale is full of mystery and danger and exotica. It is a book you won’t be able to stop reading once you’ve started. —Jane Robert Woods, author of The Train to Estelline

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Writing with all the intrigue and suspense in an adult mystery, Craven leads mid-grade and teen readers through a highly entertaining romp set in East Texas. Here wildness abounds with a variety of animals—some pets, others threats—and the scene is peopled with exotic, eccentric adults managed by a savvy trio of teen sleuths. In the course of solving the crime, the threesome teach each other about the anomalies of nature in the forests and swamps. And they discuss such subjects as beliefs versus reality and the mix of good and evil in humans. These well-developed young folk deserve other adventures Craven may dream up for them. Such could become a popular series of high adventure, as well as a backdrop for further exploring the fascinating ecosystem of The Big Thicket. —Jan Seale, 2012 Texas Poet Laureate


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